When and where is SOUNDS OF THE SUBURBS going down?
At this carpark in Sutherland . Sunday 3rd September 2017. Corner of Flora St and Merton St, Sutherland. Behind Sutherland entertainment Centre.

When do tickets go on sale?
On sale now!

How do I get there?
Public transport is always the best option, leave the car at home and save yourself the trouble. We are right near Sutherland station. Like a 1 minute walk. Trains run every 20 minutes from Central station to Sutherland. Just double check with the Cityrail website for more details to plan your trip.

Is there onsite parking if I drive?
The car park will be blocked from all vehicle access during the event. There’s also a big car park 2 minutes walk from the festival. But parking is always tough on a Sunday so we highly recommend public transport.

Is there anywhere I can get accommodation in Cronulla?
Hells yeh! The Shire has heaps of great places to stay. 20 minutes from Cronulla.

What are the conditions of entry and how old do I have to be?
-Sounds of the Suburbs is an over 18’s event. If you don’t have ID on the day, we can’t let you in. If the ID doesn’t match the name and DOB on the ticket, we can’t let you in. Identification will be required to obtain entry.
-No passouts. If you choose to leave the Festival at any point, you will not be admitted back in. There will be more than enough food, drinks, amenities and – of course – music to keep going all day inside the Festival.
-Security staff are entitled to search, pat down or metal detect any patron upon entry or during the event. Any person not compliant will be refused entry or removed from the event – without a refund.

Are there items I can’t bring with me to Sounds of the Suburbs?
The following are KEEP AT HOME items and are not permitted into the venue: Prohibited items that are confiscated will not be returned.
• Alcoholic beverages
• Illicit substances – Many festivals across Australia have been targeted by sniffer dog operations including SOUNDS OF THE SUBURBS last year. Any patrons detected as being in the possession of illegal substances will be passed onto the Police. Even a small quantity of illegal drugs can lead to a criminal conviction and a criminal record for life. The entrance of the festival is super small, don’t even bother trying. Leave them at home!
• Professional visual audio video recording devises
• Umbrellas / fold up chairs / bbq’s / eskies
• Aluminum cans, glass/plastic bottles or metal/plastic containers
• Weapons, knives, scissors, laser pointers or any items deemed dangerous by security
• Promotional or advertising merchandise
• Pyrotechnics, fireworks, flares, highly flammable or explosive substances

Will it be called off it rains?
The stages all have roofs. The bars and food stands are covered. The floors are concrete. Festival will go ahead rain, hail or snow…

If I lost or found something?
If you find anything hand it to any festival staff.
If you lose anything, please email info@soundsofthesuburbs. With the subject line ‘LOST PROPERTY’ and give a full description of the item/s and contact details.

What are the playing times?

Playing times announced soon.
Gates: 11.30pm – 8.30pm

Are there ATMs on site?
There should be ATMs on site, but we make no guarantees as to the availability of cash on site. You should bring adequate cash for the whole day. You don’t want to be ‘that’ guy scabbing money off your mates.

Media Accreditation.
Please email:

Keep safe and look out for your mates
-Look out for your friends and fellow punters.
-If at any time you feel your safety or anyone else’s safety is threatened, please contact the nearest security guard.
-Police will be present at the event. Drug detection dogs will also be in attendance. The last two years dogs have been present. DO NOT BRING DRUGS, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.
-Don’t be afraid to bring ear plugs, the bands are going to be loud, and the speakers are going to be loud. Sounds of the Suburbs won’t be held responsible or liable for hearing damage or loss.
-Follow the directions of festival staff and security personnel.
-Please wear enclosed footwear (not thongs) at all times. We don’t want out First Aid team wasting much time treating avoidable, minor foot injuries such as cuts, stubbed toes, bruises and blisters. BYO Band-Aids for blisters.

Who can I contact if there are any more questions?
No questions are too big or too small. Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Who is presenting Sounds of the Suburbs?
Sounds of the Suburbs is presented by Space 44, one of Sydney’s most respected and popular independent art galleries and Code One an entertainment booking agency for over a decade. El Sol, Brass Monkey.


Sounds Of The Suburbs is a drug free event.